Picking a new car can be overwhelming with so many factors to consider. When it comes to safety, however, Audi makes it easy to choose from their new Audi models, which include a plethora of driver-assistance features. Continue reading to learn more about the available Audi safety systems.

Audi Driver-Assistance

Audi adaptive cruise assist

Basic cruise control is both a blessing and a curse with the unexpected speed changes of the drivers around you. With Audi adaptive cruise assist, you can set a preset speed you would like to travel down the highway. If the radar, camera, and laser scanner detect the speed of the car ahead of you is slowing, the system will adjust your speed automatically to maintain a safe distance between you and the next car. Once traffic accelerates again, your car will return to the preset cruising speed. 

Audi active lane assist

Something as simple as a sneeze or the glare of the sun can cause you to steer off course when traveling at high speeds. Audi active lane assist utilizes cameras to read lane markings and will detect if you may be drifting unintentionally off the road or into another lane. If the system senses you may be swerving into another lane, it will emit an alert so you can adjust your path. If no response is detected, the system can gently steer you back into the center of your lane automatically. 

Audi pre-sense® rear

While your Audi can’t control the driving behaviors of those around you, it does offer preventative measures to help keep you safe in the event of a collision. Radar sensors in the rear of your car scan to detect potential impacts from behind. If the system detects a vehicle may be approaching too quickly, Audi pre sense® rear will tighten your seatbelt to brace you for impact, and it will automatically adjust your seating position to minimize the risk of injury. 

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