Two popular Audi models — the Audi A6 and the Audi Q8 — earned the designation of 2019 IIHS Top Safety Picks. One of the contributing factors? Audi pre sense.

Audi pre sense® is a suite of driver assistance features that allows you to feel secure behind the wheel at all times.* Just like its lineup of luxury cars and SUVs, this Audi safety suite goes above and beyond — crafted with precision and care. Let’s take a look at just a few of the notable Audi pre sense® packages. 

3 Audi Pre Sense Active and Passive Safety Systems

1. Audi pre sense® city

With heavy vehicle and foot traffic, cities are often problematic when it comes to driving. That’s where Audi pre sense® city features come in. Specially designed for city driving, this Audi pre sense® system has cameras and sensors that scan in front of the vehicle to help detect and alert the driver to pedestrians, cars, or other possible hazards.

The windshield-mounted camera uses sensors that can scan up to 100 meters in front of the vehicle. If the camera identifies a person or vehicles, the system then alerts the driver via warnings. If a collision is still imminent, a brake assist feature will be activated to stop the vehicle.

2. Audi pre sense® rear

Similarly to Audi pre sense® city, the Audi pre sense® rear system uses cameras, sensors, and radars to provide extra visual coverage around the vehicle. If this heightened awareness or warnings does not appear to be preventing the possible collision, the system will add tension to the front seat belts and adjust the passenger seats to help prepare for crash.

3. Audi pre sense® collision mitigation

If a collision does occur, Audi pre sense® collision mitigation features work to lessen the potential severity of it. How does this work? By putting the many cameras and sensors built into all of its available systems to work. This technology allows drivers ample awareness of their surroundings, which helps to ensure that serious car collisions are mitigated, if not avoided altogether.

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* Driver assistance features are not substitutes for attentive driving.