Luxury isn’t just about plush surfaces and sharp style. It’s also about the convenience that cutting-edge technology offers. That’s why Audi offers its signature MMI® technology packages.

Audi knows that driving has become an essential part of everyday life and has made a name for itself by elevating the experience. The Audi MMI® technology goes beyond the usual multimedia interface setup to create a seamless connection between you and your car through just a simple touch. You can easily navigate to your destination, access your infotainment options, and communicate safely while driving with this tech package.

Let’s take a look at the key features the Audi MMI® touch response system has to offer.

Audi MMI®: Luxury at the Tip of Your Fingers

Haptic Feedback for Driver Confidence

Haptic feedback ensures you never accidentally change your vehicle or infotainment settings. You’ll need to gently yet firmly press down on the interface options in order for the function to be activated. You will then feel a pulsation that confirms you selected the function. Feel confident in every choice you make on the road with this multimedia interface.

Smartphone Design for Easy Use

There’s no need to learn a brand-new system when it comes to Audi MMI®. The smartphone design makes the whole process intuitive, so you’ll tap and swipe just as you would on your iPhone or android. 

Natural Voice Control for Hands-free Convenience

There’s no need to enunciate unnaturally or shout any longer! The Audi MMI® has natural voice control. That means you can easily control your vehicle hands-free. Just talk to your Audi like you would a friend, and access all of your navigation, settings, and infotainment options.

Experience Cutting-Edge Audi Technology in Madison, WI

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