Audi is known for its use of cutting edge technology in its lineup of luxury cars and SUVs. While this technology contributes to high-end performance and convenience, it more importantly ensures every passenger’s safety. 

That’s where the Audi Driver Assist system comes in. Thanks to the many active safety features that are part of this system, the 2019 lineup of Audi vehicles has received 5-star safety ratings from the NHTSA. 

Let’s take a look at three of the top features of the Audi Driver Assist system.

How The Top 3 Audi Driver Assist Features Work

Active Lane Assist

Audi active lane assist can help your vehicle stay in the correct lane. This system’s sensors and camera can identify lane markers, roadside structures and obstacles, and surrounding vehicles. It then maps out a virtual driving path and ensures your vehicle stays within it.

If you vehicle strays outside of the lane path, the system will alert you and provide steering guidance.

Side Assist

Audi side assist is the perfect solution to a driver’s blindspot. Two rear-mounted radar sensors allow this system to identify and track cars that are approaching yours. If a surrounding vehicle then moves into the blind spot, this feature will alert you via a warning light on the exterior mirror.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Audi adaptive cruise assist is the intelligent way to use cruise control. This technology feature utilizes a radar, camera, laser scanner, and ultrasonic sensors to change your cruising speed based on the surrounding environment. 

It offers stop and go capabilities, in addition to helping with acceleration, braking, and maintaining your vehicle’s speed and distance from other cars. This is the perfect feature for long drives on the highway.

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